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Adobe Lightroom Classic

Photographers, learn to manage your images with Adobe Lightroom! Experiment with editing tools and learn to create incredible images with this fast, intuitive management and editing program. Showcase your work in print, slideshows, books or through photo sharing. Requirement: strong computer and camera competency. Bring an empty minimum 6GB flash drive in order to work with class files. Full day classes have a one hour lunch not included in the CEU total. This class is an electiv...

DSLR Photography Techniques 1

Maximize your DSLR or mirrorless camera's potential taking your photos from amateur to professional. Learn the technical side of photography and your camera's full auto settings. Learn about exposure including shutter speeds, aperture and ISO. Apply your technical knowledge as you explore composition techniques and how depth of field creates 3-dimensional images. Gain an understanding of accessories and lenses. Post-processing and editing programs will be demonstrated. Tap into a...

Photo Composition 1 - Learning to See Creatively

Have you ever wondered why some photographs work and some don't? Learn a critiquing process that will explain the reasons why. Discover good compositional form and visual design elements including: color theory, visual hierarchy, perspective and visual weight. Improve your photography now! This class is required to complete the Schoolcraft Certificate of Photography. Requirement: bring five of your favorite images to the first night of class.

Photo Composition 2 - Visual Design & Perception

Focus on taking a deeper look at creating photographs that impact the viewer. Further your understanding of composition, specifically visual design and hierarchy. Learn to utilize the design components and arrange them in ways to increase the visual impact and perception of your photo.