David M Haupt

Also remember we all got into photography because it was fun. That should never stop.

Team Photo

Ever since he was a small child, Dave was interested in pursuing a career as an artist. This interest was nurtured by his talented mother who was an incredible multi-media artist. Under her tutelage Dave excelled as an art student. Seeing his first Ansel Adams print inspired Dave to move to photography, incorporating his art training into a new media.

Professionally Dave has participated in nine multi-artist gallery events and has held six solo exhibits. His photos also have been published. In 2010 he created vonHaupt Photography and began teaching photography classes and on-location photography workshops. In 2015, Dave co-created Creative Vision Photography Workshops to further develop high-quality photography education through Meetups, as well as classes and on-location workshops. His teaching style is one of understanding, mentoring, and of course, having fun.

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